East Coast Tour Update #1

On Holiday East Coast Tour Update 

We are six days through our eleven-day tour so we wanted to send out a quick update for those that haven’t kept up with the insane amount of posting we have been doing. Check out each city we have been to with some of our favorite highlights. 

Tour Kick-Off: Austin, TX 

We kicked it off at Kick Butt Coffee. The second we got there, every person that worked there kept telling us they would take care of us and that was an understatement. They were kind, loving, supportive and the bartenders even offered us to crash at their place. We would have taken them up on it but our good friends TJ and Rosey from Hans Gruber and the Die Hards gave us a comfy place to rest. They have just released a new album and headlined this show for us. So go give them some support as they keep being bad asses. 

Full Moon on Friday the 13th: New Orleans, LA 

We couldn’t stop raving about this city. It has a history, culture and atmosphere that is absolutely unmatched. We played at Banks St. Bar that had some amazing murals inside. After the show we made a quick stop in Verti Marte for an All That Jazz sandwich. Skyler has been asking to go back and get another one since we left. Luckily Vieuxe Carre Church let us sleep in some bunks in the French Quarter. We got up early to get coffee from the famous Café Du Monde and stopped in a few VooDoo shops to take in a new experience. The only downside to this date was that we left Aaron’s pedal bored at the church. But they were so quick to offer to ship it back home. 

Skate themed bar for skate punks: Jacksonville, FL 

After 11 hours of driving and down a pedal board, we were a bit late for load-in. But that didn’t stop us from having an insanely fun night. River City Sound System was kind enough to let Aaron use their gear and then put on a hell of a show right after. The crowd was phenomenal, and we stuck around for quite a while afterwards hanging out with them and River City. We didn’t get to spend too much time in Florida since we had another 10-hour drive to the next city. But we can’t wait to go back. 

Sunday’s are Rough: Richmond, VA 

We landed in Richmond and set our gear up at Mojo’s and chowed down on the dinner they gave us. Traveling musicians know Sunday – Tuesday tend to be pretty rough dates to play but is better than skipping a day. Railgun put on a heck of a show and also let Aaron use their gear. They were insanely kind and had a unique sound unlike anything we had heard before. 

The Place Where Everybody Knows Your name: Boston, MA 

O’Brien’s Pub in Boston was more than we could have asked for. Our new friends in time and place brought us some za from Regina Pizzeria which has been around since 1926. And damn if it wasn’t some of the best pizza we have ever had. The second we walked in everyone was friendly, welcoming and played some amazing music. We got to hang out with our new friends time and place and it kicked so much fucking ass, that we didn’t even realize that we closed the bar down!

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