Upcoming Tour #2

I always forget the stress of booking a solid tour that you're really proud of. All of a sudden, a show you're really looking forward to falls out from under you. I'm mostly disappointed in myself because my communication can be very not clear sometimes. We were blessed with another show very quickly after I heard the news. But damn, finding bands sometimes is a pain in the ass. If ya know any rock, punk, or ska adjacent bands in the Youngstown area, maybe even up to an hour away, please tell us! The good news is that this venue use to be a bowling alley (we love unique venues!) and the manager/ owner is hella nice. Baltimore, we WILL, make it up to you. See yall soon. Also, p.s., we have merch up for sale. It'll help us on the road and we're gonna make some alien tees for tour. If anyone wants a tee like that, email us asap and we'll make sure to have one for you. They'll run about $15 or so and probably $5 for shipping anywhere in the upper 48.


- Jon

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